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Techloop: Web app redesign





Techloop and I worked together during 2018 to redesign their existing web app.

The goal was to reduce the amount of work the team of Talent Heroes was putting into the product and in turn, have better functionality and usability. As a result, we were expecting to see an increase of at least 17% in the number of registrations.



Job-seeker user flow: from the landing page to the activation of an account.


The first round of wireframes presenting the general structure of the Profile of a job-seeker.


After analyzing their product, doing a competitive analysis, and running in-house interviews, I realized three significant issues were doing the registration process overwhelming to the user base. These were:

1. High cognitive load: nine steps for registering into a platform is terrifying.

2. Confusing copy-writing: some users didn't understand the difference between freelance and employee, so they picked things aleatory, resulting in inaccurate data.

3. Privacy: it's regular in job marketplaces that users are afraid of 'getting caught' by their current employer. Because the platform didn't clear this up, multiple times users complained they didn't know what information was going to be private and what public.

Once the PM and I agreed on those initial problems, I began to focus on usability improvements for the web interface.

We worked together with the copywriter and brand manager to specifically tackle the issues related to the copy, and with the data-analyst to understand what information we could count on to design an interface based on selections.




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