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Hey, hola!

I'm Pamela.

I'm a digital product designer working with companies to deliver meaningful experiences.





How can I help to achieve your vision?


Digital Product Design

As a Product Designer, I design and deliver intuitive, usable and engaging interactions as well as visual assets. I translate ideas into wireframes, user flows, and prototypes. And I ensure the collaboration between engineering and design teams works smoothly, that's why documentation and handoffs are essential in my process.  

Visual Brand Identity

I believe your brand should speak to customers in the same way people speak to each another.

Visual design is an important piece in how your business is perceived by people. I work with teams and stakeholders to conceptualize and craft delightful brand experiences that reflect the company mission and are truthful to its values.





Franco L. - CTO at Techloop

Working with Pamela was a refreshing experience. She designed an app people loved, and boosted user engagement. Her design implementation shortened development times significantly. Thanks, Pam!

View Techloop Case Study

Sean L. - Co-founder of Lokely

Pamela brought our mobile app and website to life with her creative illustrations and designs. She is a great communicator.

View Lokely Case Study



Featured Work

Product Design / Branding



Visual Projects

Badges / Icons / Illustrations




My story

In 2014 I was studying Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires while working as an assistant in an events production company. Something was not working out, though. I began to think in my future and realized I was not being honest with myself.

Designing was much more present in my life than I was willing to admit. I had never thought about a career in design or a creative field before, but when I realized this was an option, I went for it.

Some months later, I attended a design bootcamp that blew my mind and fueled me with excitement. The idea of actively helping people by solving real problems felt so fulfilling to me.

If you want to know more about my work history, take a look at my CV.



Contact me

You can either schedule a call or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for your time.

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