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Pamela Dodera is a Digital Product Designer living

in the Czech Republic.



Studying Psychology made me realize that I was spending countless hours doodling on my paper notebook rather than learning what Carl Jung was discovering back then, so I've decided to learn more about design by attending a design boot camp.

I'm grateful I took that step forward and went against my fears. Finding out that design is meant to help people on whatever is needed added a lot of purpose to my life.

Today I'm open to new opportunities to help on products and services that need support on the design part, whether it is user experience or visual design, I'm willing to work on any area to make an idea succeed.

For more information about my work history and skills, see my resume here.



Send me an email to, or feel free to fill in the form. Please, be as clear as possible about your project, this helps me understand the context and what you're looking for. Thanks!

I will get back to you soon, have a wonderful day 🦄